The stunning Imperial Crypt or Kapuzinergruft. A not-to-miss sight in Vienna!!!

Beside the well-known funeral monuments shown at Pere Lachaise Cemetery, in Paris there’s a more impressive counterpart, the Imperial Crypt from Vienna,the capital of Austria. In other words, it  is a burial chamber beneath the Capuchin Church and monastery, founded in 1618.It’s  located on the Neuer Markt square, near the Hofburg Palace. A bit of history-Since the XVII century, it has been the entombment for members of the House of Habsburg. Have I sent shivers down your spine? If not, come with me to discover a tourist attraction consisting of the bones of 145 Habsburg royalty, plus urns containing the hearts or cremated remains of four others. Can you imagine that you are in the same place with  12 emperors and 18 empresses?

After you have gone past numerous beautifully adorned tombs,  you can’t help but remain astounded by the the most important and magnificent monument, that of Maria Theresa empress and her spouse the emperor,Francis I. Your sight will fall on the life-size imperial couple whose members are looking to each other and who, up to my mind, want to express their love. It’s something like a conjugal bed which is finely decorated (so much details that you’ll spend a lot of time to make them out). Afterwards, you’ll get to less important(but interesting indeed) tombs of young empresses and then you’ll arrive to other rooms where you see the tomb of the famous Franz Joseph emperor and just near it, the marble monument of his loved empress,Elisabet known as Sisi.

the royal couple

other wonderful coffinsMeeting Sisi and Franz Joseph


Even though, these graves may be spooky,you shouldn’t be afraid of, because you should see the bright side of this visit (the fact that you leap the chance to see such opulence reflected by dark-metal coffins). It’s preferable for you to brush up on the Habsburg history beforehand. But even without the historic background, you’ll enjoy seeing the coffins  which are real masterpieces.The most remarkable elements you’ll marvel at are some crowned skulls, macabre bones, some other spectacular details. It’s time to let you discover it by your own. I hope that I caught your interest and I’ve determined you to visit the Kaisergruft.Thanks for stopping by and have a nice trip at Vienna!!! Wait for your impressions and thoughts…