Going to Kaprun- Zell am See, Austria? Here’s a tip where to stay!

Sport Pension Trauner.

    Do you want to stay on a budget and in the same time  have comfortable accommodation? Well, I highly recommend you opting for Sport Pension Trauner, a lovely guesthouse located in a very appreciated ski resort, Kaprun. You’ll be more than pleased with your selection bearing in mind that you’ll stay in a cosy room overlooking the resort or the mountains if you are lucky, but the icing on the cake is the appetizing food- a lot of traditional dishes served in a homelike little restaurant. ( I’ve had half-board services) What you’ll love is a nice Austrian women traditionally dressed serving tasty plates and an genuine Austrian man welcoming you with a kind of strong Schnaps. And the quality-price ratio is good. I can’t wait to go back at Sport Pension Trauner! Follow my advice and you’ll see!

Here are more photos:

From our balcony

Nice Austrian who's proud of her traditionsin the garden


A different kind of museum in Paris! That’s Brancusi Museum.

A different kind of museum in Paris! That's Brancusi Museum.

Does it sound great? If you get to Pompidou Centre square in Paris, you’ll bump into Brancusi Museum, a collection showing all the masterpieces of a well-known Romanian sculpturer whose legacy is a preserved in a workshop.(it’s just around the corner of the Centre Pompidou). Another kind of world will appear in front of your eyes- birds, heads, fishes depicted through a glass window. What’s more, it is free and up to my mind it helps everybody get away from the hustle and bustle of the outdoor world. Worth visiting! I’ll let you discover it. Untill then, I wait for your impressions…

A region full of everything in Romania…that’s definitely Maramures!

Probably you haven’t heard of this idyllic place but it’s a must when it comes to tourism in Romania because it provides what everybody needs- remarkable ski slopes, amazing wooden churches listed as UNESCO’s monuments and many other wonderful places to see. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s go,dear traveler…

      1. Are you a lover of winter sports? Maramures will meet your requirements due to its nice ski resort Cavnic where you’ll be impressed of traditions which are passed down from generation to generation. Here I’m refering to Christmas time or New Year’s period when I’ve had the pleasure of learning their customs-they tend to go from door to door wishing locals and tourists either a happy new year or good luck depending on that Holy Day. (and the fact that children sing beautiful carols-it’s so lovely!)


                 Apart from their traditions, Maramures offers everybody the possibilty to practise winter sports on ski slopes such as Icoana or Roata.(both well-equipped) But I suggest you to get to Icoana if you are upper-intermediate like me or if you are  a beginner-(I’ll give you a tip- take up skiing from here- so friendly professional trainers). Regarding the other slope,Roata I’d say you that it’s a bit too steep even for ski lovers but you can get adrenaline buzz there, so it’s up to you if you take it into account or not. Take a break at Icoana’s Chalet situated just in the middle of the slope and sip a hot chocolate or tea so as to get warmer and to rest a bit! Another worthy ski slope but a bit risky is Suior (it’s close to Cavnic 5 km ).You’ll get the ropeway and you’ll spend enjoyable moments till you reach the destination because there are such stunning views of snow capped mountains and snowy trees. Breathtaking! After you arrive at the final station you get started with skiing! See you down the slope!

     2. It’s time for visiting! Yes,it is! Your next destination might be Barsana Monastery whose complex consists of some wooden churches at which you’ll marvel.(plus the fact that it’s on the UNESCO list). Not only Norway and Russia have impressive wooden churches but also Romania. Have a stroll in the courtyard where, especially at summer, it’s a pleasure to indulge your eyes with colourful flowers embellishing all the complex. Just like you are in the Heaven! Overwhelmed by  peace and a feeling of detachment from the world! The interior frescoes are made by Alexandru Ponehalski, one of the most active church painters in Maramures. The painting in the pronaos depicts the Last Judgement, where the blaze of hell is about to engulf the sinners.

All in all, Maramures is worth visiting if you are interested in architecture,winter sports, and above all in the traditions which in  many countries have steadily begun to vanish. I’m looking forward to hearing your impressions. Keep in touch and thanks for stopping by!

Top 5 places to see in Verona!

Verona- history, romance, shopping ,architecture! Yes that’s Verona, one of the most visited Italian cities. Are you curious about seeing it through the eyes of a passionate traveler? If so, be ready to discover  this remarkable city with  its major tourist attractions. Here’s a list of my tips regarding Verona( what to see if you don’t have so much time-so did I). You won’t be short of sights in this beautiful city, even if you ignore Juliet’s “balcony”- the famous setting of Romeo and Juliet film.  Lots of buildings which deserves to be on the  World Heritage list!

   1. Verona’s Roman Arena-  the third largest in Italy (after the Roman Colosseum and the arena in Capua). Awe-inspiring seen from outside, isn’t it? With a capacity of  25,000 spectators, this reminder of 1’st century Roman period, gathers many tourists interested in exploring a wonderful vestige and imagining themselves as taking part in a Roman spectacle.  Nevertheless, don’t be disappointed- you can watch theatre performances and opera alike festivals held every year, during summer. Beside this fact, you can walk down the halls crossed by slaves and Romans  in the past. But let’s come to reality and see the bright side of the glass. Apart from  admiring the stage and climbing the stairs, you can catch a glimpse of the surrounding vista- beautiful buildings and the entire city. Worth seeing! But what impressed me the most was  the possibility to capture good photos of “genuine” Roman gladiators who clutched you  in a big hug. I felt like I was in the hands of strong warriors. Not to miss it! (all this happens outside the walls of Verona Roman Arena).


2. The Bra’s Piazza  (from the German “breit”, meaning “broad”)- a square from  mid sixteenth century, adjacent to the famous arena and several historical buildings. It  represents one of most important Verona highlights. Spend  your time strolling down the so-like avenue with plenty of shops, restaurants. What I recommend you is to eat at a little restaurant  a tasty pizza coming out from an oven, and toppped with mozzarella, ham, mushrooms. Yummy,isn’t it? Overmore, in the center it  is a fountain which at night is illuminated and there are lots of trees and manicured gardens in the surrounding area.  Piazza is full of life! Live your life to the fullest and say helllo to Bra Square! Are you a coffee lover?  Therefore, there’s nothing better than sitting in a cafe on Piazza Bra and watching the crowd passing by you and the Roman Arena towering over the entire market.

Verona - Piazza Bra

Piazza delle Erbe. Although tourists flock to the Arena di Verona’s famous Piazza Brà, Piazza delle Erbe represents the heart of Verona.   Ringed with medieval and Renaissance architecture, this square  might  be the Italy’s most stunning square because of such impressive diversity. There’s also the  Lamberti Tower from where you are awarded with incomparable views across the city. In the centre, there’s a  representative satue for Venice – the Venetian lion of the Saint Marcus . Expect to see stalls with a lot of  souvenirs,food. On the nearby area, there are lots of stores specialized in embroideries that will catch your eyes in an instant. I have had the pleasure to be welcomed in by a kind Italian who ensured me of the quality of their products and who told me the history of embroidery and gave me a sample of their products which contains my name. So interesting!(then you can order everything you want, after your own choice).

beautiful buiding

4. The setting of Shakespeare’s most famous love story, Juliet’s house or Casa di Giulietta, with its iconic balcony in the forefront, is located just off Piazza delle Erbe and is said to be the home of Juliet. A bronze statue of Juliet lies in the courtyard-there’s a legend related to it which says that if you touch the woman’s breast you’ll be lucky in love. Hope to be true!!!)  A small museum can be found inside whilst love struck visitors snap photos of themselves atop the balcony.  Up to my mind it isn’t so special to get upstairs and to the balcony, but this is the spirit of Verona so go to see it!

It’s time for shopping! And where else than on Via Mazzini, the comercial centre of Verona. This street connects the Piazza Bra with the Piazza delle Erbe. It”s a narrow pedestrian street lined with designer label shops which are a bit pricey.  If you are not interested in getting in and going on a shopping spree, you can go window-shopping while you are eating a refreshing gelato for which Italy is famous.

Hope you enjoyed Verona! I’m waiting for your thoughts, impressions. Thanks for stopping by! See you soon, dear traveler!

The magnificent Bigar waterfall welcomes its visitors!

“The miracle from the Minis Gorges” called by the locals. The Bigar  Fall, from Caras-Severin County, was ranked by  the World Geography publication as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.Why is it possible?  Because you have the privilege of a  spectacular show of water  spread in thousands of threads on the green moss covered cliff, creating a graceful water veil. Overmore, it gives all people the impression of an out of this world sight.  Where? This hidden place can be reached somewhere between Oravita and the village of Bozovici, in the Anina mountains, in Romania.  So come to Romania and explore it by yourself!

Amazing church sanctuary that you’ve never seen!


Such wonderful example of Greek-Catholic Church, the Holy Trinity Church from Blaj, Alba County( Romania) stands out through its beautifully adorned sanctuary which is full with icons. Besides there’s a wooden carved pulpet which is used by priests. Admire its stunning decorations while praying. Worth visiting! For more info, contact me.

8 reasons to travel! (from my personal experience)

Having itchy feet, it won’t be easy to find out what causes the traveler’s syndrome so you’ll want to reveal this mystery. Here are 8 reasons which determine you to travel:


  1. The need to visit new places whose memories will stay with you forever! I guess that this  is the most common point when it comes to all kinds of globetrotters. Make your desire come true and explore the world bit by bit! Don’t be shy to go abroad.( up to my mind,I would choose France, Germany, Italy as destinations to be included to your bucket list-  open-air museums).
  2. Culture and civilization. Yes, what attracts tourists to visit amazing sightseeings is the fact that they want to soak up more and more about other’s culture and to get accustomed to a different one and why not settle down there. All you need is to get information about a location and pack your things.( French culture is the one that I love most because it provides a good model for every country and because it has flourished so wonderfully in the Middle Ages -such legacy: art, poetry).
  3. Traditional dishes appeal to most of us.That’s way we are eager to head to a place. Imagine appetizing dishes  which represent a country being served to you, traveler and bon appetit. ( I love Greek and Italian dishes which are so tasty that I have to order them now).
  4. Shopping is so well-regarded when it comes to travel.Therefore,  travel agencies offer shopaholics the opportunity to “visit” world widely shopping cities so as to go on a shopping spree ( well-off pepole or to take advantage of  discounts- for medium class people).(for example Pandorf which is so close to Vienna)
  5. Having fun can be added to this list because I’m inclined to believe that as a way of relaxation, of having a whale of a time funfairs, places of getting fun are on top of your list. ( for myself I’d say that Pal experience was  enjoyable enough to make me plan another trip there)
  6. Practising a kind of sport can be a reason  why so many tourists go to mountains or to sunny destinations where they swim, scuba-dive or simply have a sun bath.That’s obvious that more and more people tend to choose their destinations according to the season. So get your ski equipment or swim truck and go,go…( in my opinion for winter sports it’s Pamporovo, BuIgaria, Chamonix, France and for summer it’s Croatia, Italy,Bulgaria).
  7. Tourism is also about pilgrimages so there are so may people who go to some places in order to pray for themselves or their family. So expect yourself to see pilgrims where there’s a church, monastery( it’s enjoyable to take part in such kind of package – I’ve been to Greece, to Aegina island)
  8. Agrotourism is the same an important argument for travelers who  go to countryside to get away from it all and to eat and live in a natural way in comparison to the polluted cities which spoil our lives. (tip- for authentic countryside experience opt for Romania, there are so many lovely unspoilt places which will definitely appeal to you).

That’s all for now. I hope that my list has provided you valuable information regarding the  causes of travel syndrome. Choose what kind of tourism is on your taste and let me know about your impressions.Thanks for stopping by!