The greatest food experience I have ever had, eating mussels at Dalboka Mussel Farm in Bulgaria!

Do you love sea food especially mussels and search for the best and the cheapest ones? It’s time for Dalboka!  I’ve never thought that there is such kind of  place which succeded in exceeding my expectations. I bet that this experience will stay with you till you return again again… Varied tasty dishes made of mussels or other fish’ll tickle your fancy. About the setting only good words-spectacular, breathtaking and relaxing- both restaurants of Dalboka Farm are  just next to the Black Sea, on the beach, on the beautiful Cape Kaliakra. It really worths a visit or more…Let’s start our gastronomic journey there!

General Information. Dalboka is registered in 1993 and it’s specialized in the cultivation and production of mussels in the clean waters of the Black Sea.The first farm of this kind was built in 1994 by means of Sapard programme and in 2003, 2006 and 2011 it was hugely extended finnaly covering 2080 square m.There are two restaurants which welcome and delight customers both offering a fantastic view of the farm and the sea.There’s a possibility to visit the farm by an organized boat tour.

at the entrance

Location– At 2 km far away from Balgarevo village,on the road to Kavarna. Coming from Vama Veche, Romania you have to follow the road signs to Kavarna, turn left from the main road when you see the sign to Cape Kaliakra, then going past a wind turine park,you’ll  see a sign to Dalboka on the right and follow it. Be careful,you’ll get to descend a steep hill which leads to the restaurants but there’s a slightly chance to find a parking lot available in such a crowded place (at weekend you might make some reservations). I parked my car on the peak of the hill and headed towards the Sirena restaurant on foot. I could easily glance, in the middle of the sea, this famous attraction, a must-eat place which nobody should miss.

the road towards Dalboka

the farm

Mussels served on a large range of ways.Yummy, isn’t it? Learn more about this just bellow.

After descending a tiring road, you have to pick and choose the restaurant -the left side or the right side one. I recommend you the right one (I’ve read many good impressions about this one on many forums and then I was pleased). Go past many tables full of mussels dishes samples, overlooking the sea side and get an available table just near the sea. After I sat at a table (all it’s simple, traditional and nothing fancy), a friendly waitress came with menus (I had the pleasure to get one in Roumanian). I scrolled down all the mussels specialities from that menu (I’ve read about them a lot on the Internet) and it was a bit difficult to make up my mind. All were appetizing.

the menu


Now I even crave for coconut mussel skewer or breaded mussel skewer not to say about the icing on the cake- the Italian mussels served with spaghetti. Watch out! All dishes have low prices(you can pay in BGN-lv,EURO or in RON.)The skewers that I’ve mentioned above cost 3lv/aprox 1,5 Euro and are so tasty and well cooked that you’ll want to lick your fingers (order some with coconut,you won’t feel it so much,  the breaded ones are better that the grilled ones). About the Italian mussels, they are very yummy, delicious, the best I’ve have ever eaten (those spaghetti go so well with the mussels and the tomato sauce and the cheese make this dish a possible exquisite dish and only for 8 lv/4 Euro).

the restaurant


view from our table

Moreover, there is a large variety of fresh salads made of vegetables, mussels (here are some- sunset at the sea, romantic night, sea gifts and so on). Even soups contain mussels but you’ll be surprised to hear of a dessert with mussels and apples or pumpkin (6lv/3Euro). Loooking into the menu, you’ll see bellow the “why are we here?” other curiosities which are very appreciated- stuffed cabbage rolls with mussels, tomatoes stuffed with mussels,Mussels a la Burgas with riz, mussels stuffed with cheese, Greek mussels, mussel moussaka and the list can go on. If you are not so interested in eating mussels, you can sample other kinds of fish: trout, luce, shark, catfish, beluga or anchoavy. As beverage,take a Kamenitza beer and your meal will be complete. Well, after such a generous meal (the bill-I’ve paid 35 lv for 3 people), all you have to do is relax, do some siesta lying on a chaise longue while admiring a fantastic panorama and sunbathing (at the end of the tables there’s a small beach prepared for tourists).

Italian mussels

coconut and breaded skekers

grilled skewer

The price-quality ratio is great, the location wowww and the food more than tasty and cheap.Trust me that you won’t regret it. See you there! Let me know about your impressions. Thanks for stopping by and bon appetit!!!


Where to practice skiing on a budget? Pamporovo is the right decision!

Every year we try to plan our trip in a  mountain resort but we come across some problems: prices, standards. How could you kill two birds with one stone and take into consideration both aspects of your next trip? I recommend you to choose Pamporovo,an incredible ski resort situated in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, at an altitude of 1620 meters above sea level.  Come with me and be sure of adding Pamporovo to your bucket list!

How to arrive? I can give you the directions only if you are traveling by car (so did I). To reach  one of the southernmost skiing resorts in Europe, you have to drive around 260 km away from Sofia, 85 km south of Plovdiv, 15 km north of Smolyan, and 10 km south of Chepelare. The most difficult part would be that of crossing the Balkans especially at winter when you have to be so attentive not to slip over. Generally  don’t worry cause their national roads and highways are prepared for wintry conditions. (so wonderful landscapes on the borders of the highway; snow-capped mountains, good tunnels).

            Where to stay? To my mind, the best accommodation is at 5 star hotel, Pamporovo, at  500 m from the ski slopes. BUT staying in this hotel is very affordable (when we were, it took us 35 Euro/night/person) thinking that you have in this price the breakfast and dinner included. (BARGAIN PRICES) And such variety of tasty food! What I liked the most was that panoramic outdoor elevator which brought tourists to different floors. And those rooms overlooking a large snowed area which leads to a a coniferous wood so loaded with snow. Like a fairy land! And take a walk at the Wolf Valley. (at 2 min from the hotel) Overmore, this hotel has high standards which will cater for every tourist demands.I can say- good rooms! At the reception, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly stuff in an elegant place which gives the impression of being gilded. Outside, it’s a huge parking lot and a beautiful little church.

           Ready for getting out? Firstly it is important to mention that this  family-friendly resort  suits either for beginners, intermediates, or experienced skiers. Go to the centre of the resort following the signs from the hotel and stay in a queue where skiers or snowboarders are waiting for getting the ski-pass and taking the ski lift. General info- 25 km of ski-runs and 38 km of cross-country skiing tracks served by 18 lifts with a total capacity of 8500 persons per hour.

pamporovo snow

                Are you a beginner?  It’s no problem! There are some ski-school which teach new and unskilled skiers from across the world. The instructors at the school give world-class teaching in skiing and snowboarding in several languages, so even those of you who come to Pamporovo as beginners  should be  self-confident because you’l be supported and it will be easily for you to learn as quickly as possible this highly-appreciated winter sport. If you don’t have required gear, you can hire all the equipment you need on the slopes. Regarding the slopes, these will come up to your expectations ( smooth slopes for beginners,  difficult ones for the more experienced -the most difficult piste with an  almost vertical drop is called The Wall). Concerning its standards, there are  up-to-date systems of rope-ways so all you need is to pack your luggage and head to Pamporovo!

ski slope

             All in all, to be pleasantly surprised and enjoy a sunny holiday (120 sunny days in winter) in a beautiful mountain region, plan your trip to Pamporovo! Thanks for stopping by and see you on the Pamporovo’s slopes!