The stunning Imperial Crypt or Kapuzinergruft. A not-to-miss sight in Vienna!!!

Beside the well-known funeral monuments shown at Pere Lachaise Cemetery, in Paris there’s a more impressive counterpart, the Imperial Crypt from Vienna,the capital of Austria. In other words, it  is a burial chamber beneath the Capuchin Church and monastery, founded in 1618.It’s  located on the Neuer Markt square, near the Hofburg Palace. A bit of history-Since the XVII century, it has been the entombment for members of the House of Habsburg. Have I sent shivers down your spine? If not, come with me to discover a tourist attraction consisting of the bones of 145 Habsburg royalty, plus urns containing the hearts or cremated remains of four others. Can you imagine that you are in the same place with  12 emperors and 18 empresses?

After you have gone past numerous beautifully adorned tombs,  you can’t help but remain astounded by the the most important and magnificent monument, that of Maria Theresa empress and her spouse the emperor,Francis I. Your sight will fall on the life-size imperial couple whose members are looking to each other and who, up to my mind, want to express their love. It’s something like a conjugal bed which is finely decorated (so much details that you’ll spend a lot of time to make them out). Afterwards, you’ll get to less important(but interesting indeed) tombs of young empresses and then you’ll arrive to other rooms where you see the tomb of the famous Franz Joseph emperor and just near it, the marble monument of his loved empress,Elisabet known as Sisi.

the royal couple

other wonderful coffinsMeeting Sisi and Franz Joseph


Even though, these graves may be spooky,you shouldn’t be afraid of, because you should see the bright side of this visit (the fact that you leap the chance to see such opulence reflected by dark-metal coffins). It’s preferable for you to brush up on the Habsburg history beforehand. But even without the historic background, you’ll enjoy seeing the coffins  which are real masterpieces.The most remarkable elements you’ll marvel at are some crowned skulls, macabre bones, some other spectacular details. It’s time to let you discover it by your own. I hope that I caught your interest and I’ve determined you to visit the Kaisergruft.Thanks for stopping by and have a nice trip at Vienna!!! Wait for your impressions and thoughts…


Going to Kaprun- Zell am See, Austria? Here’s a tip where to stay!

Sport Pension Trauner.

    Do you want to stay on a budget and in the same time  have comfortable accommodation? Well, I highly recommend you opting for Sport Pension Trauner, a lovely guesthouse located in a very appreciated ski resort, Kaprun. You’ll be more than pleased with your selection bearing in mind that you’ll stay in a cosy room overlooking the resort or the mountains if you are lucky, but the icing on the cake is the appetizing food- a lot of traditional dishes served in a homelike little restaurant. ( I’ve had half-board services) What you’ll love is a nice Austrian women traditionally dressed serving tasty plates and an genuine Austrian man welcoming you with a kind of strong Schnaps. And the quality-price ratio is good. I can’t wait to go back at Sport Pension Trauner! Follow my advice and you’ll see!

Here are more photos:

From our balcony

Nice Austrian who's proud of her traditionsin the garden

In search of a traditional Christkindlmarkt? Vienna is for you!

        Christmas markets are all stuffed with decorations,stalls filled with Christmas balls,decorations, sweets, hot wine, carols and so on. But what makes Vienna special among all its German counterparts? Let’s see!

             First of all it’s needed to know that every year it begins in November (16th- Town Hall, 23rd at Schonbrunn Palace, 22nd at Karlsplatz) and ends generally when it comes Christmas.

        The most important  Christmas market in Vienna is the Viennese Christmas market situated in front of the Town Hall, which is an unforgettable highlight. Are you eager to get into the spirit of the season? Have a relaxing stroll beside the stalls where local merchandisers sell mouth-watering delights (Bratwurst, ginger bread in different forms, cakes) and be attracted by the smell of a punch combined with cinnamon which wafts through the air! If you are not a foodie person, you can indulge your eyes in the stunning decorations made of wood, plastic, paper, cotton which suit to everybody (baby Jesus mangers, Christmas balls, stockings, nutcrakers ).

Stalls filled with decorations

        With such an enchanting background few visitors can fail to be mesmerized ( the City Hall sparkles through its decorations- lights, angels,  not to mention the Christmas tree which is so beautifully adorned). Not warmed enough after sipping a hot punch? Then go inside the Town Hall where you can take part in a lot of workshops for cookies, candles, Christmas decorations. By and large all that you’ll see is due to Advents who every year embellish the Christmas markets.

         Beside all things mentioned, outside heading towards the National Theatre, you’ll encounter a wonderful pyramid showing enlightened animals spinning in a  gracious movement.

         Another  good-to-see Christmas market is in front of the St Charles Church at Karlsplatz where you can have an insight into village life, seeing a manger with some sheeps. Catchy hand-made things, the Christmas atmosphere with the beautiful church in the background, all  make this Christmas Market an unforgettable experiece.

          Schonbrunn Christmas market  is on one hand like the others Xmas markets because of the nativity sets, decorations, punch, appetizing food but on the other hand it is a bit different because of the imperial stalls which present traditional handicrafts and the well-known figure of their empress Elisabet AKA Sissi.

           In addition to all, you can walk down the streets decked out for the holidays. Grabben is the icing on the cake because of its amazing chandeliers.

           All in all, due to impressive Christmas markets ,Vienna deserves to be added on top of your bucket list, in the category of winter destinations. As far as I’m concerned , I can tell you that I can’t wait to go there again and again. Thanks for stopping by!



10 Places to see in Austria

Are you at a loss about which places in Austria you should visit? If so,here are 10 destinations you should add to your bucket list.


Either you are fascinated with art(a must-Historical Museum of Art),or with fun(Prater fun fair),or with history(Hofburg Palace,Schonnbrun Palace)or with shopping (the best brand label’ shops are on Graben or Mariahilfer Street)or simply you are a passer-by, tourist; you should experience this marvelous capital which meets everybody’s demands. For eating  go to Filglmuller Restaurant  and order  a huge traditional tasty schnitzel.(14 euro)

Image           2.  Melk Abbey

          This baroque masterpiece attracts a lot of tourists throughtout the year because of its impressive library. On top of that, it’s its location(perched on a rock) and its golden beautifully adorned altar inside the church, which astonish the visitors.Step inside and discover its treasures and become mesmerized.


            3. Salzburg

The city of Mozart. But apart from the Mozart house which I won’t recommend (it’s expensive 18 euro and it isn’t so impressive) there are the stunning gardens of Mirabell Palace (free admission) and the Hohensalzburg Castle which offers a beautiful view over the city and the mountains. To my mind, if you reach Salzburg don’t miss Hellbrun Palace .(Unique experience given by a water based mechanical theatre,water tricks).


            4. Innsbruck

The capital of Tyrol federal state, Innsbruck gives you the opportunity to switch to practising ski (also Bergisel ski jump) if you get bother to have a stroll in the old centre. However I’m sure that you’ll be delighted to visit such a stunning city full with sights and nice buildings. Its landmarks are the Golden Roof,Hofburg Palace, Court church. Are you a shopaholic? Then Maria Theresien-Straße welcomes you (a splendid avenue). If you are lucky, indulge your ears with a lovely performance held by the local brass band.



         5. Swarovski Museum

Obsessed with crystals or not, visit this remarkable museum in Wattens(not far from Innsbruck)and say „Wow” in front of a wall made of crystals,different objects made the same of S crystal: horse(studded in this crystal), clothes and so on. There’s the factory producing this type of crystal. But ,in my opinion,you should be eager to arrive at shop (high prices though), where you can buy everything you want (if you afford to) or stay in your budget and get a  small thing(it’s a wide diversity of small souvenirs too).


         6. Kaprun-Zell am See

If you are a sporty person or you enjoy going in nature, you should head towards Kaprun and Zell am See, two different ski resorts which are very close to each other. Even though Kaprun is a small town, it’s catchy among ski lovers and not only. Whereas Zell am See as a bigger town, beside its ski slopes, gives the opportunity  to have a boat ride on the lake and so to be pleased with the scenic view(it’s surrounded by mountains and Zell am See ). ”I want to ride my bicycle” as the song says  can be done(there are some rent points) and of course your enjoyment will increase, seeing such lovely landscapes.


        7.  Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Breathtaking views, roads at high altitude, mountains everywhere, Alpine meadows with specific flowers(edelweiss,gentian).That’s Grossglockner High Alpine Road. For 30 euro(small car), you’ll spend enjoyable moments in nature. After parking your car,(Franz Joseph Platform or other parking lots) I suggest you to feed the marmots. They are so sweet and they eat chocolate as in the Milka advertisement. Thrilled! Overmore you’ll see eagles or mouflons.


             8. Klagenfurt

Coquette town which can be visited in several hours. You can have a walk along the Worther river’s bank  and feed swans or if you are shopaholic go to Addidas outlet (it’s close to Klagenfurt). Moreover, don’t pass up the chance to visit  a different kind of open-air museum Minimundus, a miniature park, which displays over 150 miniature models of architecture from all around the world.


            9. Graz

It’s a wonderful town in Styria federal state(also the capital of Syria), whose old centre abounds with amazing building (such as the Town Hall,the clocktower,the Landhaus). Do you want to see a new interesting building which is a bit out of this world? Go to Graz Art Museum (preferably at dusk when it’s plenty of lights) .One another curiosity is the island on the river Mur.



           10. Semmering Railway

It’s one of the best examples of a remarkable feat of engineering ever built. It runs through a spectacular mountain landscape along the railroad from Vienna to Graz.

With the construction of the Semmering Railway, areas of great natural beauty became more easily accessible. Discover the wonders of Austria while  travelling by train! Great experience!


            I hope you’ll enjoy visiting these sights. Thanks for stopping by!