A region full of everything in Romania…that’s definitely Maramures!

Probably you haven’t heard of this idyllic place but it’s a must when it comes to tourism in Romania because it provides what everybody needs- remarkable ski slopes, amazing wooden churches listed as UNESCO’s monuments and many other wonderful places to see. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s go,dear traveler…

      1. Are you a lover of winter sports? Maramures will meet your requirements due to its nice ski resort Cavnic where you’ll be impressed of traditions which are passed down from generation to generation. Here I’m refering to Christmas time or New Year’s period when I’ve had the pleasure of learning their customs-they tend to go from door to door wishing locals and tourists either a happy new year or good luck depending on that Holy Day. (and the fact that children sing beautiful carols-it’s so lovely!)


                 Apart from their traditions, Maramures offers everybody the possibilty to practise winter sports on ski slopes such as Icoana or Roata.(both well-equipped) But I suggest you to get to Icoana if you are upper-intermediate like me or if you are  a beginner-(I’ll give you a tip- take up skiing from here- so friendly professional trainers). Regarding the other slope,Roata I’d say you that it’s a bit too steep even for ski lovers but you can get adrenaline buzz there, so it’s up to you if you take it into account or not. Take a break at Icoana’s Chalet situated just in the middle of the slope and sip a hot chocolate or tea so as to get warmer and to rest a bit! Another worthy ski slope but a bit risky is Suior (it’s close to Cavnic 5 km ).You’ll get the ropeway and you’ll spend enjoyable moments till you reach the destination because there are such stunning views of snow capped mountains and snowy trees. Breathtaking! After you arrive at the final station you get started with skiing! See you down the slope!

     2. It’s time for visiting! Yes,it is! Your next destination might be Barsana Monastery whose complex consists of some wooden churches at which you’ll marvel.(plus the fact that it’s on the UNESCO list). Not only Norway and Russia have impressive wooden churches but also Romania. Have a stroll in the courtyard where, especially at summer, it’s a pleasure to indulge your eyes with colourful flowers embellishing all the complex. Just like you are in the Heaven! Overwhelmed by  peace and a feeling of detachment from the world! The interior frescoes are made by Alexandru Ponehalski, one of the most active church painters in Maramures. The painting in the pronaos depicts the Last Judgement, where the blaze of hell is about to engulf the sinners.

All in all, Maramures is worth visiting if you are interested in architecture,winter sports, and above all in the traditions which in  many countries have steadily begun to vanish. I’m looking forward to hearing your impressions. Keep in touch and thanks for stopping by!


8 comments on “A region full of everything in Romania…that’s definitely Maramures!

  1. ileanaxperta says:

    Reblogged this on Bucuria de a calatori and commented:
    One of the most amazing,interesting and dreaming place in Romania – MARAMURES. I am proud I am Romanian!!!

  2. Love your post! Alex and I loved Bucharest when we visited and definitely want to go back and see the rest of the country. We will definitely add Maramures to the list!

  3. Phil Ayala says:

    Beautiful Blog! Thanks for sharing.

  4. delicii says:

    Reblogged this on DELICII ITALIENE and commented:
    LOVE România , amazing country and breathtaking sceneries …

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