Top 5 places to see in Verona!

Verona- history, romance, shopping ,architecture! Yes that’s Verona, one of the most visited Italian cities. Are you curious about seeing it through the eyes of a passionate traveler? If so, be ready to discover  this remarkable city with  its major tourist attractions. Here’s a list of my tips regarding Verona( what to see if you don’t have so much time-so did I). You won’t be short of sights in this beautiful city, even if you ignore Juliet’s “balcony”- the famous setting of Romeo and Juliet film.  Lots of buildings which deserves to be on the  World Heritage list!

   1. Verona’s Roman Arena-  the third largest in Italy (after the Roman Colosseum and the arena in Capua). Awe-inspiring seen from outside, isn’t it? With a capacity of  25,000 spectators, this reminder of 1’st century Roman period, gathers many tourists interested in exploring a wonderful vestige and imagining themselves as taking part in a Roman spectacle.  Nevertheless, don’t be disappointed- you can watch theatre performances and opera alike festivals held every year, during summer. Beside this fact, you can walk down the halls crossed by slaves and Romans  in the past. But let’s come to reality and see the bright side of the glass. Apart from  admiring the stage and climbing the stairs, you can catch a glimpse of the surrounding vista- beautiful buildings and the entire city. Worth seeing! But what impressed me the most was  the possibility to capture good photos of “genuine” Roman gladiators who clutched you  in a big hug. I felt like I was in the hands of strong warriors. Not to miss it! (all this happens outside the walls of Verona Roman Arena).


2. The Bra’s Piazza  (from the German “breit”, meaning “broad”)- a square from  mid sixteenth century, adjacent to the famous arena and several historical buildings. It  represents one of most important Verona highlights. Spend  your time strolling down the so-like avenue with plenty of shops, restaurants. What I recommend you is to eat at a little restaurant  a tasty pizza coming out from an oven, and toppped with mozzarella, ham, mushrooms. Yummy,isn’t it? Overmore, in the center it  is a fountain which at night is illuminated and there are lots of trees and manicured gardens in the surrounding area.  Piazza is full of life! Live your life to the fullest and say helllo to Bra Square! Are you a coffee lover?  Therefore, there’s nothing better than sitting in a cafe on Piazza Bra and watching the crowd passing by you and the Roman Arena towering over the entire market.

Verona - Piazza Bra

Piazza delle Erbe. Although tourists flock to the Arena di Verona’s famous Piazza Brà, Piazza delle Erbe represents the heart of Verona.   Ringed with medieval and Renaissance architecture, this square  might  be the Italy’s most stunning square because of such impressive diversity. There’s also the  Lamberti Tower from where you are awarded with incomparable views across the city. In the centre, there’s a  representative satue for Venice – the Venetian lion of the Saint Marcus . Expect to see stalls with a lot of  souvenirs,food. On the nearby area, there are lots of stores specialized in embroideries that will catch your eyes in an instant. I have had the pleasure to be welcomed in by a kind Italian who ensured me of the quality of their products and who told me the history of embroidery and gave me a sample of their products which contains my name. So interesting!(then you can order everything you want, after your own choice).

beautiful buiding

4. The setting of Shakespeare’s most famous love story, Juliet’s house or Casa di Giulietta, with its iconic balcony in the forefront, is located just off Piazza delle Erbe and is said to be the home of Juliet. A bronze statue of Juliet lies in the courtyard-there’s a legend related to it which says that if you touch the woman’s breast you’ll be lucky in love. Hope to be true!!!)  A small museum can be found inside whilst love struck visitors snap photos of themselves atop the balcony.  Up to my mind it isn’t so special to get upstairs and to the balcony, but this is the spirit of Verona so go to see it!

It’s time for shopping! And where else than on Via Mazzini, the comercial centre of Verona. This street connects the Piazza Bra with the Piazza delle Erbe. It”s a narrow pedestrian street lined with designer label shops which are a bit pricey.  If you are not interested in getting in and going on a shopping spree, you can go window-shopping while you are eating a refreshing gelato for which Italy is famous.

Hope you enjoyed Verona! I’m waiting for your thoughts, impressions. Thanks for stopping by! See you soon, dear traveler!


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